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As someone who has owned a personal training studio for the past 4 years I have had many clients who have to travel frequently for work. At the same time, I have found that these travels often are a chance for people to fall off the workout wagon and get lazier. These are pretty new to the fitness market, but they are absolutely golden for strengthening your core. You definitely want to check the trx workouts straps out. Everywhere we glance we are bombarded with articles on avoiding holiday weight gain and how to indulge sensibly.

It’s all relevant, practical and helpful tips. But will you really follow the advice given? Most likely not. Why? Because of your own mental resistance. Mental resistance is the number one obstacle in the right path this season – not too plate of cookies. It’s simply easier to not work out. It’s simply simpler to indulge. It’s simply simpler to say, “I’ll wait until January”. Why let your resistance win?

In the end, you’re the one that pays the ultimate price. Each year, a few pounds creep on. And each year, those same pounds aren’t lost. The trx suspension training was designed by a Navy SEAL. It is great because it can go anywhere and be setup almost everywhere. The TRX is built using nylon straps and uses your bodyweight and gravity as resistance. The TRX has grown in popularity many mixed martial arts gyms now carry trx suspension Cartier Bracelet Replica –, training. Affordability The BOSU is much more than a stability ball cut in half, so you can’t compare its $120 price tag to those, which run about $20.

You can save thousands on home gym equipment by purchasing a BOSU, plus a few other key pieces of equipment, such as dumbbells or a trx. (We’ll review the amazing trx in the next issue of All That is Wellness.) Considering the multitude of fun and effective exercises possible with the well-made BOSU, $120 is a great deal. 35. Feel the need for speed. Speed matters a lot in the sport of MMA. If you want to develop faster strikes, practice with a speed ball. Don’t focus on power.

Just focus on pure speed. Do it at least every day for 5 minutes and you will see results. Back to triathlons – what a great way to combat turning 40. If you participate in a local races in New York and the northeast you will see many women over 40 consistently finishing in the top 3 women overall!

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